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Reviewing the Laws
A Great Driving Record is No Accident:

A great driving record is obtained through careful driving and retaining counsel when facing a traffic citation.   In my experience, most traffic citations can be defended or reduced by appearing in court.  Always remember, the government is required to prove its case.  However, every traffic case is unique.  The facts and law related to each citation determine whether a driver has liability.  I will be glad to advise you about potential defenses that may be available for your case.  


  • 19 years of legal practice 

  • 13 years of representing drivers with traffic citations

    • Represented drivers in East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and federal court in East Tennessee on charges of DUI, improper lane change, reckless driving, and speeding 

  • Tennessee Rule 31 Listed General / Family Mediator

  • Speaker / CLE Instructor for the National Business Institute - Previous 5 Years 

Potential Consequences of Traffic Law Convictions:

Traffic law convictions can harm you in ways that you may not have imagined, possibly including:

  • Denial of VISA (some countries will not allow people with DUI convictions to cross the border)

  • Employment Issues  

  • Increased Insurance Rates

  • Loss of Driving Privileges   

  • Professional Licensure Issues

  • Security Clearance Problems


No one should ever be presumed guilty when they are charged with a crime, including a traffic offense.   All too often the police want to decide your case.  A presumption of guilt is at odds with liberty and your Constitutional Rights.    Legally, you are presumed innocent.

It is my job to make sure your liberty is protected, which means you get your day in Court.  

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Andrew S. Cunnyngham

Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.  No Representation is made that Andrew Cunnyngham is a traffic law specialist.  Rather, the contents of this website indicate that Andrew Cunnyngham represents defendants in court cases involving traffic law, including but not limited to: Driving Under the Influence "DUI" , Reckless Driving, Speeding and other regulated conducted under the Tennessee Rules of the Road.  Moreover, there is no guarantee of a particular outcome in any case.  Each case will be decided by the testimony of the witnesses for the case at hand and any other evidence admitted by the court.  

Attorney - Client Relationship is only created through agreement of prospective client and attorney. Information request through this site does not establish the relationship of attorney and client. 

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